Imad Ghreiwati – Laundry Services

Our Journey 

For our founder and CEO, Imad Ghreiwati, laundry was always a tedious task. As a young adult who traveled to Dubai from Lebanon, Imad Ghreiwati was highly focused on his career, and his laundry took the back seat. Although he relied on laundry and laundromats, he was frequently disappointed with the services. Some days, the shirt lost a button, and other days it went missing as a whole.  

It was during those Imad Ghreiwati realized the lack of quality laundry services. He believed something as essential as clean clothes should be everyone’s right and not a luxury. Wanting a change for himself and others, Imad Ghreiwati began his journey.  

In 2005, Imad Ghreiwati opened the first Imad Ghreiwati Laundry branch in Deira. Surrounded by a small team of professionals, Imad Ghreiwati was adamant about offering the best service. Fast forward to years later, Imad Ghreiwati Laundry Services is one of the leading laundries in Dubai. Today, we operate ten branches across the emirate and have grown to a team of 100 professionals.  

As quoted by Ikechukwu Izuakor, “neatness and cleanliness are not a function of how rich or poor you are, but that of mentality and principle.” Although laundry is dry and dull for many, when it is done right, it is an essential aspect that serves everyone.  


  • Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service 

Improve the longevity and shine of your clothes with Imad Ghreiwati Laundry Services. At our facility, we incorporate the best technology, including OptiClean and OptiDry, to fully mimic the care of hand-washed clothes. Moreover, unlike traditional laundries, we use steam to press your clothes. 100% steam guarantees that your cloth retains its color and lasts longer.  

Price List: 

  • Tops
  1. T-Shirt: AED 10 
  2. Shirt: AED 15 
  3. Blouse: AED 15 

  • Bottoms
  1. Shorts: AED 12 
  2. Pants: AED 12 
  3. Skirt: AED 15 
  4. Jean: AED 15 

  • Undergarments 
  1. Underwear: AED 2 
  2. Bra: AED 2 
  3. Socks: AED 2 

  • Houshold Items 
  1. Bedsheet: AED 20 
  2. Pillowcase: AED 8
  3. Comforter: 45
  4. Comfort Cover: AED 30 
  5. Mattress Protector: AED 25 
  6. Pillow: AED 15
  7. Blanket: AED 20 
  8. Blanket [Large]: AED 30 
  9. Sofa Cover [Regular]: 35
  10. Sofa Cover [Large]: AED 40 
  11. Cushion Cover [Regular]: 10 
  12. Cushion Cover [Small] AED 15
  13. Cushion Cover [Large]: 20

  • Formal/Party Attire 
  1. Coat: AED 60 
  2. Kandura: AED 20 
  3. Jacket: AED 60 
  4. Abaya: AED 15 
  5. Jalabiya: AED 20
  6. Suit [2 PCS]: AED 45 
  7. Suit Jacket: AED 30 
  8. Suit Pants: AED 10 
  9. Vest: AED 10 
  10. Sari: AED 55
  11. Sherwani: AED 55 

  • Laundry Washing & Folding 

The laundry washing and folding service at our facility is the best solution for bulk laundry. Costing only AED 60 per bag, you can fill the bag with as many clothes as required, and we will take care of the rest. Once we receive the package, we organize it per color and wash the clothes at high temperatures. After the cycle is complete, we neatly fold it, and your clothes are ready for pickup. It’s really that easy!  

  • Steam Press Iron Services 

At Imad Ghreiwati Laundry Service, we use 100% steam to iron your clothes. Not only does it retain the color and texture of your clothes, but steaming also increases its longevity. Get pristine pressing every time!  

Price List: 

  • Tops 
  1. T-Shirt: AED 6 
  2. Shirt: AED 6 
  3. Blouse: AED 6 

  • Bottoms 
  1. Shorts: AED 10 
  2. Pants: AED 12 
  3. Skirt: AED 12 
  4. Jeans: AED 12 

  • Undergarments 
  1. Underwear: AED 2 
  2. Bra: AED 2 
  3. Socks: AED 2 

  • Household Items
  1. Bedsheet: AED 15 
  2. Pillowcase: AED 5 
  3. Comforter: AED 30 
  4. Comforter Cover: AED 200 
  5. Mattress Protector: AED 15 
  6. Duvet: AED 30 
  7. Blanket: AED 15 
  8. Blanket [Large]: AED 20 

  • Formal/Party Attire 
  1. Coat: AED 35 
  2. Kandura: AED 5 
  3. Jacket: AED 35 
  4. Abaya: AED 5 
  5. Jalabiya: AED 10
  6. Suit [2 PCS]: AED 30 
  7. Suit Jacket: AED 25
  8. Suit Pants: AED 10 
  9. Vest: AED 8 
  10. Sari: AED 35 
  11. Sherwani: AED 35 

  • Bridalwear 

We understand your bridal gown is not just any dress. Instead, it’s a reminder of fond memories and new beginnings. At Imad Ghreiwati Laundry Services, we promise exceptional care for every bridal dress. We guarantee to preserve its intricate designs, stunning color, and beautiful shape throughout the process. 


Testimonial 1: Totally an easy and affordable experience. I am super happy with their prices and their quality. Really the best in Dubai. Thank you Imad Ghreiwati Laundry for the wonderful experience. 

Testimonial 2: While we were on vacation, we had a truckload of laundry to do. However, since the price at the hotel was just crazy, we were looking for something more affordable online. Thankfully, we came across Imad Ghreiwati Laundry services and weren’t disappointed at all. Not only were they affordable, but they were also extremely polite, professional, and gave excellent service. Highly recommend! 

Testimonial 3: Great experience with the team. They were kind and prompt. I waited for a while in their facility and since they have free WiFi, the wait wasn’t boring. Thanks for the wonderful job. 

Testimonial 4: Thanks to Imad Ghreiwati Laundry Service, laundry is no longer mundane. The team is positive and very helpful. I love how they make the process so easy and delightful.